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Conceive Plus Adalah lubrikan yang aman bagi sperma yang mengatasi kekeringan saat berhubungan karena kurangnya cairan lubrikasi serta mengoptimalkan peluang kehamilan secara alami.

Order Conceive-Plus 1 bh @ Rp 350.000,00

Order via WA: 08128211347
Order via BBM: D13C3FAC
Order via Line: Wishingbaby

Conceive Plus® adalah lubrikan kesuburan terkemuka di dunia yang mengandung ion Kalsium dan Magnesium. Ion-ion ini penting untuk kelangsungan hidup sperma dan mengoptimalkan proses pembuahan. Conceive Plus® dikembangkan oleh dokter untuk pasangan yang mencoba untuk hamil secara alami.Aman untuk kelangsungan hidup sperma, viabilitas dan motilitas dan aman untuk perkembangan embrio.


  • Direkomendasikan oleh Ginekolog dan Obgyn, dijual lebih dari 60 negara
  • Meningkatkan kesuburan secara alami, mengandung kalsium dan magnesium yang berperan penting dalam proses kesuburan.
  • Membantu pergerakan sperma di dalam rahim guna mencapai sel telur.
  • Meningkatkan kelangsungan hidup sperma dan membantu proses pembuahan.
  • Diformulasikan khusus oleh pasangan suami istri yang ingin segera mendapatkan anak.


Deionized Water, Hypromellose, Sodium Cloride, Glycerol, Sodium Phosphate, Disodium Phosphate, Methylparaben, Potassium Cloride, Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Cloride.



Makasih ya sis, atas produk Conceive Plus-nya. Istri saya lagi hamil 2 bulan. (Jasrin)


Setelah 8 tahun pernikahan, saya mencoba Conceive Plus dan saya berhasil hamil, inilah bayi perempuan saya yang baru lahir. Benar-benar percaya pada Conceive Pus setelah merasakan sendiri hasilnya



Congratulations Siow Hui! “I bring good news! I am one of the angels who have used the Combo Pack (including Conceive Plus). Our angel baby was born yesterday on 30/7/2014. I used this Combo Pack and successfully got pregnant with a boy. My husband was worried that we have to wait till the baby was born to make sure it is a boy. Now I am extremely happy to say that it is a baby boy angel!”

(Siow Hui)


“My story is a bit long but I want to write this testimonial to share with you my path to pregnancy. I had a hard time getting pregnant and I checked with the doctors that everything was normal. One day I read in the forums about Conceive Plus and I immediately purchased 5 boxes at once. I have already read numerous articles and forums regarding the best method for TTC and kept a detailed record of the steps I have taken. It is your own body so you should know best. While using Conceive Plus, my husband had also been taking vitamin E. For the 2nd month of trying, I felt discouraged as I was not pregnant yet. About a few weeks later, my family and relatives came to visit me, for some reason I did not feel discouraged anymore and I thought to give the pregnancy test a go. While I sat there looking out the window waiting, I finally saw the long awaited 2 strips!

1. It is important to use Conceive Plus to ensure healthy and strong sperm, while the man takes vitamin E. We took this for 2-3 months.
2. As long as the sperm is healthy, with the correct timing, one time intercourse is enough. We learned that with Conceive Plus, it lubricates and creates a smooth path for the sperm to swim to the egg.”

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