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Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant


Pre-Seed adalah lubrikan yang bersifat “sperm-friendly”, tidak akan membunuh sperma, dan dapat mengatasi kekeringan saat berhubungan untuk menciptakan hubungan yang nyaman bagi pasangan yang sedang berusaha untuk hamil.

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Ciptakan Lingkungan Subur dengan Sperm-Friendly Pre-Seed

Vagina yang terasa kering sering dialami pasangan suami istri mengakibatkan mereka harus menggunakan lubrikan agar nyaman saat melakukan hubungan suami isteri. Pre-Seed adalah lubrikan pertama yang diciptakan khusus untuk pasangan yang sedang berusaha untuk hamil.

Pre-Seed merupakan lubrikan yang bersifat “sperm-friendly“, tidak akan membunuh sperma, dan cocok dengan lendir serviks wanita sehingga menciptakan lingkungan yang membantu memfasilitasi pembuahan.

Banyak lubrikan biasa di pasaran yang berbahaya bagi sperma dan tidak disarankan digunakan bagi pasangan yang sedang berusaha untuk hamil. Pre-Seed adalah satu-satunya lubrikan yang “safe to use when trying to conceive” (aman digunakan saat sedang berusaha untuk hamil).

sperma lubrikan Pre Seed, Lubrikan yang Aman Bagi Sperma

Lubrikan lain menciptakan pembatas yang mengganggu sperma berenang keluar dari air mani.

sperma preseed Pre Seed, Lubrikan yang Aman Bagi Sperma

Sementara, sperma bisa berenang dengan bebas dalam air mani melalui Pre-Seed

*Gambar diambil di laboratorium dengan 200X pembesaran setelah 10 menit kontak antara air mani dan Pre-Seed dan lubrikan lain. (Pada lurbikan lain, sperma yang mati tetap berada di dalam air mani).

Pre-Seed Multi Use Tube berbentuk tube 40 gram. Anda dapat mengaplikasikannya sedikit pada bagian intim anda sebelum berhubungan. Pre-Seed dimasukkan ke dalam vagina, dimana ia berfungsi seperti cairan vagina tubuh, membantu mengatasi vagina yang terasa kering. Formulanya akan melembabkan saluran vagina dan pembukaan serviks, memungkinkan sperma untuk masuk, tetap hidup dan sehat, dan menciptakan lingkungan yang optimal bagi mereka untuk menempuh perjalanan menuju telur.

Meskipun Pre-Seed adalah diciptakan istimewa untuk pasangan yang sedang berusaha untuk hamil, banyak wanita menggunakan produk ini untuk alasan lain. Formulanya yang melembabkan, tidak menyebabkan iritasi, adalah sempurna bagi wanita yang mengalami rasa sakit saat berhubungan, wanita yang mengalami perubahan hormon, kekeringan, dan wanita yang membutuhkan formula sensitif.

Baca lebih lengkap tentang Pre-Seed pada Artikel “Lubrikan yang Aman Bagi Sperma”

  1. Terdiri dari 9 aplikator
  2. Satu-satunya lubrikan yang “sperm-friendly” (tidak membahayakan sperma)
  3. Diciptakan oleh ahli reproduksi wanita
  4. pH yang seimbang yang sama dengan cairan vagina

Making Babies

Neville Hacker MD, Joseph Gambone DO, MPH, Calvin Hobel MD © 2010
“Lubricants may be toxic to sperm. A nontoxic lubricant, Preseed, has been developed for infertile couples.”

Making Babies

Lars Bjorndahl, David Mortimer, et al. © 2010
“If a lubricant must be used then it must not show any toxicity to spermatozoa. Currently, the only suitable commercial product for this particular purpose is Pre’, an external use version of the Pre~Seed vaginal lubricant…”

Making Babies

Zev Rosenwaks, MD, Marc Goldstein, MD, and Marc L. Fuerst © 2010
“Natural lubrication is best…Pre-Seed, a clinically proven, fertility-friendly moisturizer that mimics natural body secretions to relieve vaginal dryness. It provides an optimal environment for sperm and is delivered in a fluid that is mild on a woman’s body.”

Making Babies

Tami Quinn, Beth Heller, and Jeanie Lee Bussell © 2008, 2010
“Bottom line is that even if you feel you don’t need it, a sperm-friendly lubricant can make the life of sperm much happier. Remember most lubricants are not sperm-friendly so you need to do some research and find one that is, such as Pre-Seed.”

Making Babies

Tommaso Falcone, MD © 2009
“Lubricants such as K-Y Jelly and olive oil can inhibit sperm motility. However, other lubricants such as Pre-Seed…do not.”

Making Babies

Sami S. David, MD & Jill Blakeway, LAC © 2009
“If you need a little extra moisture – and many couples do at ovulation or under the stress of trying to conceive – you don’t have to do without. Look for Pre-Seed lubricant, which is specially designed for couples trying to conceive. It does not contain any glycerin or propylene glycol, the mischief makers in most lubricants. Its pH is the same as fertile cervical mucus, and it contains roughly the same amount of salts… A new Cleveland Clinic study of lubricants published in the journal Fertility and Sterility found that Pre-Seed was the only commercially available vaginal lubricant that didn’t decrease sperm motility or compromise sperm DNA.”

Making Babies

Susan Scott Ricci & Terri Kyle © 2009
Pre~Seed® is listed as a water-soluble lubricant that can reduce discomfort during intercourse.

Making Babies

Robert A. Greene, MD © 2008
“Studies of infertility patients reveal that women are about twice as likely to experience pain during “timed sex” than spontaneous sex–largely because of decreased lubrication. Less lubrication can be a side effect of some fertility medications, but it can also be related to stress or anxiety or a lack of arousal caused by the clinical nature of scheduled sex. Many women have avoided popular lubricants because they’ve been shown to interfere with normal sperm function. There is a least one product, called Pre-Seed, that won’t reduce fertility. Pre-Seed has the proper acid-to-base balance to protect sperm.”

Making Babies

Marjorie Greenfield, MD © 2008
“And some lubricants used for sex can be mildly toxic to sperm, as can douching after sex. Research has shown that KY Jelly, Astroglide, Replens, olive oil, and saliva all interfere with sperm motility. If you need a lubricant…a sexual lubricant called Pre-Seed also advertises that it is nontoxic to sperm.”

Making Babies

Toni Weschler, MPH © 2006
“Until recently, there really wasn’t a viable option to use during the one time in your life that you probably would have appreciated it most. Luckily, though, a revolutionary new vaginal moisturizer has recently been developed that is specifically designed to mimic natural body secretions and provide an optimal environment for sperm. It is called Pre-Seed, and it works by delivering a pH balanced semen-like fluid.”


Pre-Seed User’s Story
I’ve been meaning to write you an email in regards to PreSeed but I have my hands full with my beautiful daughter! After trying for two years to get pregnant, my husband and I had about enough of failing time after time. On the verge of begging the doctor for fertility drugs, I heard about PreSeed and thought I’d give it a try… There is no denying that trying to get pregnant is stressful and can take the fun out of what should be a beautiful experience, and PreSeed restored the ‘fun’ element to making a baby. Now, anytime I hear one of my friends is trying to have a baby, I send them off to the pharmacy and tell them to get PreSeed. ~M (Mum to a busy little girl!)

 Pengalaman Menggunakan Pre-Seed
Saya sudah lama ingin menulis email testimoni PreSeed namun saya sibuk dengan anak perempuan saya yang cantik ini. Setelah mencoba dua tahun untuk hamil, suami dan saya selalu gagal. Ketika memohon pada dokter untuk diresepkan obat kesuburan, saya mendengar mengenai Pre-Seed dan berpikir untuk mencobanya… Tak diragukan lagi bahwa mencoba hamil itu cukup stres dan kadang mempengaruhi hubungan intim kami. Tapi Pre-Seed mengembalikan kenikmatannya kembali. Sekarang, setiap kali saya dengar ada kawan yang ingin punya bayi, saya memberi tahu mereka tentang Pre-Seed. (Ibu dari bayi yang sibuk)

We Love Your Product!
By Sylvester And Mattie from Bowling Green,Ky on October 31, 2010

My husband and I fell in love with this product the very first time we tired it! Our lovemaking was fantastic! We’ve both have always had a great love life, but this product enhanced it! I hope a baby or babies come out of this love real soon! I will keep u informed! Baby dust to all!

Kami cinta produk Anda
Oleh Sylvester dan Mattie dari Bowling Green, KY pada 31 Oktober 2010
Suami dan saya jatuh cinta pada produk ini sejak pertama kali kami menggunakannya. Momen bercinta kami jadi fantastis! Kami memiliki kehidupan cinta yang indah, dan Pre-Seed meningkatkannya! Saya berharap cepat hamil sebagai buah cinta kami segera!

Testimoni lainnya dapat dilihat di :

“Infertility practice as well as OB/GYN love your product.” – KP, Garrison Women’s Health Center, Dover, NY

“We recommend Pre~Seed to all our fertility patients.” – SP, North Texas Fertility, Desoto, TX

“Our patients like that it is preconception friendly.” – S, RN, U of Wisconsin East Clinic Ob/Gyn, Madison, WI

“I am a Family Physician who has had a very positive experience with your product, Pre~Seed®.  My wife and I suffered from infertility for years after we were married.  Ultimately, we were successful…and now have two beautiful children.  Pre~Seed®, in conjunction with other treatments, play a key role…
Thank you for developing Pre~Seed®.” – NJ, MD

“It’s the only product we recommend for our infertility patients.” – K Ziegler, RNC MSN NP Ob/Gyn Associates of WNY, Depew, NY

“Great for vulvodynia patients and women with interstitial cystitis! I strongly recommend it!” ~C Ordelheide, NP, Scripps Clinic, San Diego, CA

“I am so glad I can confidently recommend a lubricant to my subfertile patients that won’t work against them.” – Faith Daggs, MD, Center for Women’s Health Camp Hill, PA

“We recommend Pre~Seed® to our patients who are trying to conceive but fear that using lubrication will hamper their ability to conceive. We have found it to be of excellent viscosity and can handle average thrusting during intercourse. It is not sticky (as are some lubricants) and can be used for clitoral stimulation in addition to intercourse. We most certainly endorse this product.” Dr. Ditza Katz & Dr. Ross Lynn Tabisel, Women’s Therapy Center, Plainview, NY

“Pre~Seed® is a great product to offer our patients that are trying to conceive. Many patients like to try a sample before buying something, and it’s great to be able to give them that opportunity while recommending something we know is proven safe.” — N, CMA, Voss Center for Women, Muncie, IN

“Pré® has been a boon to our menopausal patients for whom estrogen is contraindicated.” — Hillary Browne, MD, Spruce Street Internal Medicine, Boulder, CO

“Our infertility patients utilize Pre~Seed® often. The perimenopausal gals who are drying love that the Pré®lube doesn’t burn or sting like other products that are alcohol (glycerin/glycol) based.” — C, ARNP, SFIRM, Jupiter, FL

“In working with our OB-GYN and infertility doctors, we provide products like Pre~Seed® so our patients have easy accessibility. Thank you.” — K, Small Stones, Brookfield, WI

“Our patients love this product! Couples facing infertility feel empowered when they have a product that can help them succeed with their treatments!” — JT, RN, Clermont OB/GYN & Infertility, Clermont, FL

“Our patients are pleased to have a product designed for infertility use. The feedback on this product has been favorable & positive. Thank you for helping our infertility patients.” — C, RNC/NP, Northwest Womens Healthcare, Kalispell, MT

“Your product is great for patients who are uncomfortable with collection here in our office. It sometimes makes the difference in who is able to continue with treatment!” — D, Midwest Reproductive Center, Olathe, KS

“This is the only lubricant we recommend. Patients love it. — JG, Anchorage, AK

“Excellent product. Patients like ease of use. Strongly recommend!” — JM, MD, East Ilsip, NY

“Pre-Seed is essential because so many of our infertility patients experience dryness.” — Lakeshore Women’s Specialists, Mooresville, NY

“Goodbye AstroGlide – Hello Baby! No pain, only fun…fun…fun with Pre-Seed. His sperm smile at my cervix!” — A, RN Family Planning Center, Daytona Beach, FL

“Our patients enjoy that Pre-Seed increases the comfort of sexual activity. When couples are trying to conceive, it’s great to have a lubricant that can be used frequently and with comfort. One client states that the application of Pre-Seed is much easier than the egg whites she was using. Our male patients like the consistency of Pre-Seed; that it is conducive to sexual activity.” — L, LAC/OTR, White Crane Medicine, Lakewood, CO

“My patients are looking for a personal lubricant that does not reduce their chance of becoming pregnant and your product is the only one I know of that doesn’t harm sperm or stop their swimming.” — B, Bob’s Pharmacy, Pocatello, ID

“This is the only product I know of that couples trying to conceive can use for lubrication with sexual activity. THANKS!” — TG, MD Arlington, TX

“It’s been great for post menopausal patients and infertility patients.” — D, MD, Beachwood OB-GYN, Beachwood, OH

“Pre~Seed® is the only lubricant we allow our patients to use for semen collection since it is non-toxic to sperm.” — Jamie Kim, Hawaii Reproductive Center, Honolulu, HI

“Patients like it as it is natural feeling.” — RJ, MD, Hoffman Estates, IL

“The Pre~Seed® appears to be working well for the patients at our facility.” — M, Effingham OB/Gyn, Effingham, IL

“Our patients appreciate the hypo-allergenic nature of this non-irritating lubricant.” -HG, MD Longview, Texas

“Patients love this product.” — G, CNM/MSN, Midwest OB/GYN, Norfolk

“Our male patients are sometimes very stressed out about having to come to our clinic to do a semen analysis. Pre~Seed® is very helpful in making the collection process easier for them.” – JD, RN, Froedtert Hospital, Milwaukee, WI

“Loving the Pre~Seed®! We’ve been using it during inseminations and clients are liking it as well. I’m very pleased with the individual packets to send with clients.” — Mirra, Conceptions, Alma Midwifery

“Great product! Does not seem to affect semen analysis results or clump in the specimen. Patients love it.” — E, IGO Medical Group, San Diego, CA

“Patients are using Pre~Seed® for sensitivity issues. Patients have expressed that the product has been helpful. Thanks.” — R, Women’s Medical Care of Rhinebeck, Rhinebeck, NY

“Our pharmacy specializes in fertility, and our customers love Pre~Seed®. Thank you.” — Lynn Allison, Bernie’s Pharmacy,Anchorage, AK

“My fertility patients love Pre~Seed® and it works! The lubricant is great for those women sensitive to harsh chemicals and who get infections after intercourse.” — Carrie Jones, ND, Tigard, OR

“I am a licensed Acupuncturist who focuses on fertility/IVF. I have suggested your product to many of my patients.” — A, LAC, Carlsbad, CA

“Everyone who comes into our store really loves the product. Many have recommended it to their friends and family to start using it as well.” — I, Deleon’s Clinic Pharmacy Corpus Christi, TX

“Pre~Seed® is well regarded by fertility patients and brings new customers to our store.” — N, Clark Professional Pharmacy, Ypsilanti, MI

“I am an acupuncturist specializing in women’s health/fertility so I use Pre~Seed® with my patients a lot. We love that it doesn’t kill sperm!! I love your product and how it helps women and couples to conceive!” — Jessica Chalnick, L.Ac, MSTOM San Diego Fertility Acupuncture Encinitas, CA

“We have been one of your distributors here in the Twin Cities and I can truly say I have had people call us and tell us about the positive results they have had by using Pre~Seed®.” — G, Setzer Pharmacy, Roseville, MN

“We are one of the few pharmacies in our area that sell Pre~Seed® and we get lots of women who come into the pharmacy to buy the product. You guys apparently have a great product!” — Amanda, Stonegate Pharmacy, Austin, TX

“Our patients love the results that they have been achieving thanks to your products.” — Pharmacy Solutions, Ann Arbor, MI